The Africa Study Bible Is Finally Completed

The Africa Study Bible project has been in the pipeline for many years now. The Africa Study Bible is a vision to present the bible in a way that is uniquely African so that the African people will derive more value from it. It is not a secret that most of the modern study bibles were written from European and, or American perspective.

The unique thing about The Africa Study Bible project is that 90% of it is done by Africans from different countries. I have been privileged to have a peek at some of the work and the quality is amazing - I saw African proverbs being used to illustrate difficult aspects of the bible as well as relevant articles that deal with issues unique to Africans.

The Africa Study Bible (ASB)has been completed and a Kickstarter campaign will be launched in about four days time. I will be posting the links as soon as they are active in case anyone wants to support the project.

The app is already available (please note that only the book of John has been made available).

Android users can download here.
iOS users can download from here.

Also, I have been presented with an opportunity to submit interview questions to Mathew Elliot, who is the Project Director in charge of the work. I personally don't have any questions to ask, but if you have any for him, please let me know before the 18 April 2016.

I will be posting updates as soon as I get more information.

To read more about The African Study Bible (ASB), please go to Oasis International.


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