The Importance Of Telling Yourself Great Stories About Yourself

In this age of information, you must talk to yourself often so you won't go mad. 
Humans have always heard voices in their heads. Those voices, sometimes, can be helpful. Sometimes they can be unhelpful. The advent of internet information has made the echoes and the frequency of these voices louder than ever. As much as TV, magazines, emails, and Facebook posts, can be used for good things, the information they produce can also give affirmation to our worst fears or feed our narcissism. 

You may think your life sucks. But there are a lot of people who are in worse positions than you are. No one has a perfect life, even if they want you to think so. Hence, don't be drowned out by information. Neither should you believe everything you read.

Even if your old acquaintances or friends are leaving you in the dust and moving fast ahead in life, so what? As long as you don't navel-gaze all day, but work hard and trust in your Maker, you will turn out fine.

Don't let unhelpful voices stay in your head for too long. Talk to yourself often. Talk over the negative voices. Tell yourself you are smart, you are beautiful, you are cool, you are a hard-worker. And try and follow it up with relevant actions.

Time away from the screen isn't a bad idea, especially if you find its contents depressing. Read an interesting fiction. If that's not your thing, go for walks. You may even get yourself a funky album and dance if that is your preference. Who cares if people see you and snicker. Be happy. Life is short; too short for you not to tap into your awesomeness.


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