Powers And Limits

there are times i marvel at what i've done, what i have achieved. and there are times when i get mad at events spiralling out of my control, leaving me helpless. and yet there are times where situation i have never worked for nor laboured over aligned themselves, like a fully completed crossword puzzle, yielding beautiful gains for me.  these human experiences are what makes me strive and not leave anything to chance or fate;  they are what pushes me to work harder and enjoy the fruits of all i strive for while i still breathe.  these same human experiences have also made me realise there are circumstances i cannot change, no matter how hard i toil. this is the reason why i believe in god (no matter how unfashionable that might seem today). when my world turns upside down, as it sometimes does for all of us, it is the reality and understanding of my powers and limits that keeps me sane as well as hopeful.

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