Well Thought Out Plans

of late, i am starting to question why i become so upset when the day don't go according to my well-thought-out plans.  i mean, if there is a guarantee that whatever scheme i devise would work, i would probably own all the islands on the pacific right now.  but the inability of anyone to guarantee their lives is a sign that no one really owns nor control anything in this world. even the people we thought to be untouchable exist in a brittle shell called "power" - a shell that looks strong but can't withstand much when shit hits the fan.  i am presently trying take my cue from the ants down the road, who get their tunnels matched in many times by unwary humans, but persist in shifting locations until they get it right. if my plans today do not work, i'll shift my perspective and try another method. or i might persist with the same method, but change my approach. life is too short to kick against the pricks.

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