Envy moments when ideas come, like strangers stranded outside on a snowy night - ragged and lost, seeking rest and respite.  You have done no calling out, nor held up signposts.  You've burnt no night fires, held up no flags. But here they are, beseeching you with endearing eyes,  laying down their gifts at your feet, in return for a short shut-eye.  But it is not always so.  For most days... these strangers will heed no call,  will be deaf to all uproar, and will refuse to part with their goods even for a piece of your soul.  This is natural.   For ideas, like spirits, come and go, carrying their wares with price tags attached.  Like a shopper on the look out for a bargain,  be happy if you get a sparkling thought for a paltry sum.   Until then, mind no discomfort, walk far out of beaten paths, if you must.  For if clarity of vision and thought is to be your future,  a little luck and much suffering are littered across your horizon.

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