My Book Of Feelings Encourages Balanced Emotional Development

...a brilliant resource that encourages children to learn about their emotions.

Babies are one of the most expressive groups of people on earth. They do not hold back when expressing their feelings. Older children and adults, on the other hand, have societal expectations to deal with when it comes to emotional expressions. As adults, society expects us to hold back certain feelings and be considerate of others. This is understandable, for an adult or teenager with no self-control is dangerous to himself and others around him.

Unfortunately, there are some children who cannot control how they respond to their feelings. This might be due to medical reasons or it might just be that they were not shown how to do it by the adults around them. My Book Of Feelings by Tracey Ross and Rosy Salaman tries to remedy this by putting together a brilliant resource that encourages children to learn about their emotions - how to define them, how they arise with different situations, and what to do with them.

My Book Of Feelings can be an important tool in helping children grow emotionally. Older children with psychological disabilities can also benefit with the help of a competent professional.  My Book Of Feelings helps teach what emotions are and gives examples of how we can get a handle on many difficult and mixed ones. More importantly, it teaches balanced emotional development and shows how fleeting our feelings are.

Many thanks to Jessica Kingsley Publishers for review copy. You can purchase a copy of the book at Amazon and other major online bookstores.

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