Review: A Life Of One's Own by Joanna Field (Marion Milner)

A Life Of One's Own is one woman's examination and recording of her own thoughts, daydreams and inclinations over several years and how observing these things pointed her to who she really is and what makes her happy.

Anyone with interested in how human minds work and our popular opinions influence us would be interested in the author's findings.

I love the tone of unashamedness in this one. The frankness and scientific approach of the author towards her own private daydreams is something to be admired. Most importantly, what her findings reveal about my own inner world is something that would stay with me for a while. This is a book worth reading.

"I now began to understand why it was no good arguing against obsessive fears or worries, for the source of them was beyond the reach both of reason and common sense. They flourished in the No-man's land of mind where a thing could be both itself and something else at the same time, and the only way to deal with them was to stop all attempts to be reasonable and to give the thoughts free rein. In dealing with other people this meant just listening while they talked out whatever was in their minds, in dealing with myself it usually meant letting my thoughts write themselves."


A Life Of One's Own by Joanna Field (Marion Milner) is available to buy from on all major online bookstores.

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