Review: Stories I Love To Tell by Gene Edwards

Stories I Love to Tell is a collection of true stories and anecdotes from the perspective of a Christian theologian and churchplanter.

Christians of all kinds would.  The stories here are the kind you are likely to hear in church pulpits, though some of it are autobiographical in nature.

I love the personal stories the most in this book. They are touching and there is always a lesson to learn, irrespective of your spiritual leanings. As someone who has loved the author's spirit and style of story-telling for over a decade, this book is a valuable addition to his works. The first story of this book, White Trash, is the most powerful, in my view. Worth checking out.

"Christopher Columbus was sailing toward the Americas but did not know it. He thought he was going to end up in India. One day at sea his crew came and laid out their demands: he must turn back that same day. The men felt strongly that they were about to sail off the edge of a flat earth. Christopher Columbus made a deal: one more day and he would tum back.

"Columbus did not know this, but he was not very far from an island, a place today we call San Salvador. San Salvador is about ten thousand miles away from India. Columbus took a gold coin and nailed it to the mast, telling the crew that whoever saw land first would receive this coin. (It was not to be.) So it was that far into the night the men stared into the darkness hoping to see something. Columbus said he thought he had seen a flickering light. He had not. It was impossible for any artificial light to be that far away. Up in the crow’s nest, a sailor named Rodrigo de Triana** saw land and called out 'Tierra! Tierra!' ('Land! Land!')

"Everyone was excited and the ship was turned in the direction of Rodrigo’s sighting. Only a few minutes later several other men called out that they had seen land. Within no more than thirty minutes everyone was aware that they could see the outline of a small mountain range.

"You will have to search very hard to find Rodrigo in the history books, and that is because Columbus claimed the coin. The truth of the matter is simple: Rodrigo was the first man to discover the Americas."
** Rodrigo was a black man.


Stories I Love to Tell by Gene Edwards will be available to buy on all major online bookstores around February 2018.

Many thanks to Emanate Books for review copy.

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