Review: Effortless Living: Wu-Wei and the Spontaneous State of Natural Harmony by Jason Gregory

Effortless Living tries to redefine the essence of Lao Tsu's book, Tao de Ching, stripping it of layers others have put on it over the years.

People interested and invested in Tao de Ching and its principles would love this book.

There is a whiff of commercialism and religion about Tao de Ching and Taoist principles in general in today's world. The author goes to a great length removing Tao de Ching from self-help, martial art, and religious strappings to communicate its timeless message about the world, the human self, and the ridiculousness of prescribing rules for people to follow in the bid to live a fulfilled life.

Common misconceptions are built around language, especially among those who are spiritually inclined. The way people associate their understanding with certain words, such as consciousness, mind, awareness, perception, ego, self, truth, and God, all cause much confusion, because each word has the ability to change its meaning in correspondence to the growth of the individual. This confusion occurs even among people of the same language. On top of this, there is an immense amount of misinterpretation that is lost in translation from one language to another. In any event, language itself, no matter what dialect, is an inadequate tool for describing the nature of the universe.


Effortless Living: Wu-Wei and the Spontaneous State of Natural Harmony by Jason Gregory is available to buy on all major online bookstores.

Many thanks to Inner Traditions for review copy.

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