Review: In Praise of Wasting Time

The last five years have brought to the fore voices telling us the dangers of too much screen time and online addiction. In Praise of Wasting Time adds its voice to the saturated space about the dangers of modern technology, the advantages of slowing down, and what we are losing by addiction to modern comforts.

Anyone looking tocut back on digital exposure might learn a thing or two here.

Yes, it is.However, if you have read a similar book to this in the past, there is no guarantee this book will give a new perspective or say anything you do not already know.

The author's writing is clear and the examples he uses are engaging, but you are in a danger of getting bored if you have read similar books.

"Psychologist Anthony Pellegrini and others have concluded that play, in animals as well as humans, allows individual to focus on means rathr than ends. In play, an individual can try out new things, revise, modify, explore, pass time pleasantly and, in subtle ways, develop the inner self. These researchers argue that the non-goal-oriented activities we call play have been a critical part of the development of problems-solving skills and emotional awareness in animals with more advanced cognitive abilities."


In Praise of Wasting Time by Alan Lightman is available to buy on all major online bookstores from Mat 2018. Many thanks to TED Books (Simon & Schuster) for review copy.


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