Review: The Instinct for Cooperation

The Instinct for Cooperation is a transcript (albeit in a graphic novel form) of discussions between Jeff Wilson, a PhD student and Noam Chomsky, a social activist and political critic, on various social and political themes.

Any person worried by the present socio-political issues in the western world will love reading this book. Young people in colleges and universities will definitely get some value from it.

Though this book did not offer any particular clear answers to issues like student debt, wage disparities, racial injustices, institutional violence, it did well to highlight causes as well as recent examples of the ways governmental powers are used to suppress the poor and the young. Aspiring activists and social campaigners will learn a lot from this book. Well worth reading.


The Instinct for Cooperation by Jeff Wilson and Eliseu Gouveia is available to buy on all major online bookstores from April 2018. Many thanks to Seven Stories Press for review copy. 


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