Review: Firebug

Forest Troll & the Fire Goddess
Politics and religion can be a dangerous mix and that is what is at play in Firebug. In a city called Azar, the cult of goddesses is in charge of placating the goddess of fire so that the nearest mountain volcano will not get out of control. However, after centuries of failure, the cult simply move the city far away from the treacherous mountain. This, however, did not solve the problems of the people of Azar, as spiritual entities and religious powers clash over who to control the fate of the people.

This is a story with believable lore, colourful characters, and a little splash of nudity. Mature adults with a love dark fantasy would feel right at home.

Griffin is a carefree young man living life at the fringes of the society. With no deep-seated convictions, he steals and loves indiscriminately. However, his involvement with a sect and the daughter of the fire goddess puts him in the eye of the storm where he has to choose what to believe and whether he has the strength of convictions to stand for it.

Firebug by Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain is available to buy on all major online bookstores. Many thanks to Image Comics for review copy.


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