A Little Piece Of Her Examines The Evils Of Female Genital Mutilation

Zidrou and Raphaƫl Beuchot

A Little Piece Of Her tries to educate on the evils of female genital mutilation using a story of a Chinese man and a Congolese woman trying to make their relationship work. Apart from the awkwardness of interracial relations in Congo, the book also takes a cursory look at politics and the way expatriate investors view and interact with their local employees and vice versa.

A Little Piece Of Her is an ode to the courage of countless people swimming against the tide of exploitation, racial discrimination, and sexism. It also shows how insidious the practice of female genital mutilation is and the outdated thinking behind it. It reveals the progress being made and highlights ways to help combat it.

A Little Piece Of Her is an educational comic that hid its message in a solid story setting. The art is okay but the dialogue is one of the best things about it. This is a book with a powerful message and a solution.

Many thanks to Europe Comics for review copy.


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