Power And Betrayal in Tyler Ellis' Chimera: The Righteous And The Lost

chimera tyler ellis
When the acolytes of a god approach a band of thieves to secure an artefact, the signs of a potential apocalypse starts showing itself. Aside from the thieves being betrayed from within, there is a small matter of a company of a dragon and an assassin who are also after the artefact. Adding to that is the presence of a mysterious being who can read minds, thus manipulating anyone that comes in contact with it. All these pointing to the beginning of absolute chaos.

Chimera: The Righteous and the Lost is full of strange characters with hidden motives. Aside from the themes of power and betrayal, there is a constant undertone of religion and its influence in this book, but it is not deep enough to warrant philosophical thought. The art of Chimera pleasant to the eyes. The dialogue is smooth and believable. Also, the plot is well-weaved and the ending kept me gasping for more.

Many thanks to Comicker Press for review copy.


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