Why Fiction Is A Superior Art Form To Non-Fiction

why fiction is a superior art form to non-fiction
When it comes to reading, I have found non-fiction is a lazier form of absorbing wisdom. Whether you are reading essays or self-help books, everything you need to learn is spelt out for you.

Fiction is a bit more sophisticated in that, like a mole in a hole, you have to dig out what you need. Aside from kindergarten stories, no fiction will leave precious gems on the surface for you to pick up. Also, some tales have no to wisdom to impart, no point to make. Hence, reading fiction is a more complex exercise than reading non-fiction.

As societies around the world modernise, leadership seem to have less use for riddles, fables, or stories. It is rare to see one of our so-called "thought leaders" advocating a work of fiction. Most books in our recommended lists are limited to a few genres in the non-fiction section.

This stagnation of the mind is one of the things I have noticed since I started reading fiction again in the past months. It was challenging at first. I felt a bit stupid. I also felt as if I was wasting my time. But I have stuck with it and the rewards have been better than expected. There is an opening of the mind that is difficult to explain. You are required to look deeper and use your imagination much more. Also, I found there to be more excitement and joy on the pages. This is a path I would recommend to fellow adults to try if they aren't on it yet. It is worth it.


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