Hunter x Hunter's Wing: A Profile Of An Ideal Educator

Wing is a fictional character in oshihiro Togashi's manga - Hunter x Hunter. He is a young man with an unusual combination of casual, shabby appearance and a forgetful trait who is nonetheless serious and strict with his craft as well as his students.

Wing's laid-back demeanour comes far back from his time with his mentor, Biscuit Krueger, who noted his laziness and lack of interest in learning.


Biscuit Krueger's methodical approach to teaching paid off as it made Wing well-versed in the art and craft of nen. Like his mentor, Wing developed a taste for strict discipline and rigorous approach to learning.

Wing's disdain for winning at the expense of rigour is shown when his student, Zushi, wanted to use a dangerous technique he was not ready for, in order to defeat a much powerful opponent. Wing stops him and later takes his student aside, saying: "It's okay to want to win. But you mustn't lose sight of what really matters, and that's making it to the top floor. Impatience will only erode your potential. Get used to losing, because you will... many times.
We are able to see another side of Wing when Gon and Killua (two incredibly gifted kids) came under his tutelage. He recognises that his two new students have greater potential than Zushi. Though he maintains his rigour and strictness, he takes a short-cut approach to bringing the best out of his new tutees. However, Wing's philosophical flexibility is tested when Gon (fighting against Gido) puts himself against in harm's way to test out a nen hypothesis in the ring. He punishes Gon by refusing to train him until he has healed up. He also puts a "restriction" on him to see if Gon would disobey when out of sight.

In a world where most try to survive by watching better fighters and learning dangerous fighting techniques from them, Wing's ultimate gift to his student is his ability to allow them to flourish based on their innate talents. Rather than copy another person's style, Wing always advise that his student stay true to themselves. This was evident in his analysis of Hisoka and Kastro's epic match where he notes that though Katro's new doppelganger skill is complex and dangerous, he would have had a much better chance if he had stuck to his natural Tiger Bite fists. 
Kastro vs. Hisoka

This mindset was also reflected in his nen-type analysis, saying that those who have innate talent in an area might excel in other areas, but they will be ultimately effective if they stay in their own lane. Wing says: "Certain abilities will be more suited to you than others. Nen is heavily influenced by your individuality. Depending on what it is, it might take me 10 years to learn what Hisoka learned in five. Or I may never learn it at all.  If you want to be serious about learning nen, you should focus not on imitating others... but instead on reaching your true potential! What makes you passionate? What makes you angry? Where you travel, who you meet, what you experience.. they will all serve to give shape to your nen! You are still growing, enrich yourself as much as you can. That's what training is for. Temper your body and mind. And enjoy your lives as much as possible."

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