Sheets by Brenna Thummler (Review)

Sheets is a story about Marjorie Glatt, a girl managing a laundromat on her own (in addition to keeping on top of school work). The story follows her struggles with keeping her late Mum's shop open, while a sleazy businessman prowls around sabotaging her efforts and a ghost, slithering in and out of the laundromat, seeks her friendship.

The struggles of a young adult struggling to keep a parent's dream alive is a theme that was well woven into this tale. The author makes us feel and root for Majorie as we opened the pages in haste, wanting to know if she will come out on top of her life situation.

The villain of the piece, Mr Saubertuck, is devious and cunning. But he is not a caricature by any means. Saubertuck's desire to open a yoga business isn't just a mindless idea to accumulate money. He actually loves yoga.

The facial expressions for the characters could be better.

Anyone can enjoy Sheets, though I have a feeling it is primarily written for pre-teen and teens. I recommend Sheets for those who don't like reading heavy tomes or being bogged down by lore.

Many thanks to Lion Forge for review copy.


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