Blackhammer's Unique Take On Superheroes

Blackhammer tries to go behind the fist-throwing and razmataz of superhero stories. It explores doubts, fatigue, love and other emotions that can come with wielding huge supernatural powers.

With its main characters, Blackhammer shows us what it is like when powerful beings become vulnerable and afraid. It shows us the human side of superheroism and the lack of control they feel situations don't fall in line as they expect.

Blackhammer features six superheroes who failed in saving the world and find themselves in another dimension. Though they try, the "heroes" are unable to leave the dimension. Guilt, shame, and exasperation settle in as they languid around, looking for ways to leave, a few of them are already giving up seeing their homes again.

If you are a lover of superhero tales but tired of the normal Marvel-DC take, you will enjoy Blackhammer.


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