Sword Daughter: #1 - A Straight-Up Revenge Tale

"She shouldn't have survived. She was two years old... I taught her nothing. I prepared her for nothing."

In Sword Daughter (Volume 1), a man who has been in a coma for ten years after his village was pillaged and his wife killed, wakes up to find his daughter grown and emotionally distant.  Despite their troubled relationship, the two work together to seek revenge against the pillagers.

I could say that Sword Daughter is just revenge plot with nothing else and I will be right. But as far as revenge stories go, it is a good one. The art's brownish austere look fits with the story's overall theme. This is not a story that is trying to be subtle, it has fights, blood and all the mechanics you would expect in a story that is trying to get down and dirty with details of death, starvation, and survival.

Many thanks to Dark Horse Comics for review copy.


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