1919: A Graphic History of the Winnipeg General Strike

There are a few things a ruling government fear more than its citizens unifying under a purpose it does not support. Modern history is rife with examples of crackdowns against labour unions and systematic propaganda against leaders of any organised citizen-led action.

1919 is a graphic novel that goes back to capture the roots and atmosphere of the Winnipeg strike of 1919. This was a strike (lasted for six weeks) led by workers who no longer felt able to feed their families on low wages.

1919 chronicles the police beatings, unjust imprisonments, demonisation of immigrants, and other tactics used by the Canadian ruling government to crush the movement.

More importantly, 1919 also highlights the bravery of men and women who sacrificed so much to bring dignity and power to normal working people. This is a book that emphasises the power of the collective as a strong weapon against business elites who are trying to create an unjust world for the sole aim of profit.

Many thanks to BTL Books for review copy.


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