Race And Relationships In The Age Of Multiculturalism

There have been dire situations in history where people pooled together, helping one another survive and thrive against wars, famine, cruelty, natural disasters, etc. There have also been cases when the opposite is true - where hate and blood flowed from fear and petty anxieties.

Fissure examines these situations in its story about a strange disaster that befell El Sueno, a multicultural town riddled with prejudice and discrimination. Hark, a white man, is set to take Avery Lee, a Mexican lady as his partner. It is a union Hank's father opposes for fear of losing his son as well as the colour of Avery Lee's skin.

The story traces the obstacles Hank and Avery Lee have to face in the midst of an unworldly disaster that is claiming lives regardless of age and race.

Fissure looks at how petty divisions destroy a community and how love, family, and solidarity can contribute to its healing.

Many thanks to Vault Comics for review copy.


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