The Devaluation Of Artistic & Creative Skills

Some of us are worried about the devaluation of artistic and creative skills going in today's technological age. Creative works are constantly offered for exposure or less money than they are worth. Many companies and individuals, even those with lots of money, continue to see artistic people's insecurities as something to exploit for cheap labour.

The natural or artisanal wine industry is one that has caught Jonathan Nossiter's eye. In his book, Cultural Insurrection, he evaluates the rise of this tiny sector and how it has risen against all odds to thrive and prosper.

Nossiter points out many lessons from how natural winemakers worked together, defied government interference, and resisted the allure of over-the-top profit to create something they are genuinely proud of.

While this book has lots of examples of winemakers and the negative events they had to overcome to make a success of their craft, it fails to do a good job in drawing enough parallels between natural winemakers and the creative arts. We are left to figure out how, for example, writers or illustrators, can use these examples to fight for fairer wages in their industry.

Cultural Insurrection by Jonathan Nossiter stirs up the blood with its premise but falls a little bit flat in its execution.

Many thanks to Other Press for review copy.


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