Book Recommendation - Die: Fantasy Heartbreaker (Volume 1)

What drew me to Die: Fantasy Heartbreaker (Volume 1) was its gorgeous art.

The story is okay - six teenagers who got sucked into a fantasy game, escaped (with one person left behind) and decades later, when they have become full adults, got dragged back into the game.
Die: Fantasy Heartbreaker explores the differences between what the main characters did when they were first sucked into the game versus the actions they took the second time around. This is a story that allowed the writers to explore how adult life refines some people, yet breaks others. 

The strongest part of this work (apart from the art) is the dialogue. It is so good. It seems effortless and allowed me to empathise more with the characters.

Die: Fantasy Heartbreaker is not perfect. Part of its uniqueness is that it breaks off from contemporary fantasy comics with a more down-to-heart approach on life and the fragility of humans.

Worth reading.


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