Review - The Great Man: The Ogre Gods by Hubert and Gatignol

“Lours is an aging leader of a passionate rebel clan who seeks to defend their traditions and territory from those who would take it from them, including the Chamberlain of the nearby kingdom and the giant Ogre Gods who rule above them. When he comes across a fleeing giant barely taller than a bear, he brings the wounded curiosity into their camp and nurses him back to health with plans that could help them define a new order. But this tiny giant has an agenda of his own -- young Petit has the wellbeing of his human love at the forefront of his priorities, and she has become an unwitting pawn in the Chamberlain's wicked plans…”

The Great Man: The Ogre Gods (Book Three) by Hubert and Gatignol is that kind of book makes you feel smart by just reading it. If you love a book with Game of Thrones-like strategy, both on the battlefield and in politics, then you will love this series.

Also, The Great Man: The Ogre Gods has an unusual attribute for a graphic novel. While the main story is in the normal comic form, all the flashbacks or backstories are done in a prose format. I was surprised at this, but I learned to enjoy the prose. It felt like reading a codex in an RPG game.

The art is a strange one - so simple, yet conveys so much about the landscape. It is a unique component of the story.

All in all, The Great Man: The Ogre Gods, is an interesting read. You do not need to have read the other parts to enjoy this volume. If you have the opportunity, buy it.


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