Rana Foroohar On How Big Tech Betrayed All Of Us

Don't Be Evil summarises how big tech companies have hijacked our data and are using it to amass wealth, influence politics, and manipulate the masses among other things. It foretells the future that awaits humanity if the greed and ambition of tech companies like Facebook and Google are not held in check. Don't Be Evil also recommends steps people can take to secure their data as well as ways governments can curtail the powers of a growing monopoly that threatens to destabilise the world for the sake of profit and control.

Don't Be Evil reads like a horror novel. Almost every savvy internet user knows that Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other similar companies track us online. They use the data we give them freely to make money by selling it to advertisers who, in turn, use our data to sell us stuff. Don't Be Evil shows that tech companies do not care about our wellbeing as they are bent on making money and ruling us us through the shadows by donating money to politicians and allowing unscrupulous people to buy our data for nefarious purposes. 


This book is for people who want to know the stakes and the price of modern technology. It is for those who desire to understand how to better protect their data. Those in the government or looking to get into politics would also benefit from understanding the scope of what they might be up against and how to fight back.

Many thanks to Random House for the review copy.


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