Optimal Outcomes by Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler - A Review

Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

"...using a conflict-oriented word such as counterpart, party, or opponent to define your relationship with someone doesn’t represent the complex nature of most relationships and doesn’t leave much room for your relationship with that person to change over time."

Optimal Outcomes does not just focus on ways to resolve conflicts. The author believes conflict is a fact of life - we need it to understand ourselves and grow as a human. However, the author ultimately points out that perpetual conflict is abnormal and thus, maps out ways we can free ourselves from its shackles.

The book is full of examples of ways we fall into perpetual conflict and the reasons why. This is not a book on how to win arguments or how to please people so they leave you alone. This is a work that acknowledges that we might not be able to appease or negotiate with some on difficult issues. Optimal Outcomes helps us deal with those situations without being dragged down by emotions such scenarios generate.

Optimal Outcomes is manual-like. It sometimes reads like a printout for a work meeting. This is not a book to read for pleasure.

Those in mediation or in the position of leadership might benefit from this book.

Many thanks to HarperCollins for a review copy.


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