A Wonderful Life by Frank Martela - A Review

A Wonderful Life is a book that aims to find out how to live fully. It explores the results of the breakdown of traditional and cultural structures, how it has led to existential crises and unhappiness in modern lives. The book examines the prevalent lack of meaning in the modern person's life and plots a few paths to mending that longing for meaning that plagues us today.

Any book that explores how to enrich our inner lives is always a joy for me to read. The author does a good job analysing the sources of most of our unhappiness today - lack of community, the collapse of religious structures, our absolute faith in technology, etc.

It is easy to point out flaws and propose solutions, however, it is difficult laying out how those solutions can be achieved. I think this is a book heavy on what but not how. Though the author points out to building communities, understanding ourselves, among many solutions, there is little in the way of how to achieve that exactly.

This is a book for anyone looking for how to be more happy, fulfilled and contented in their lives.

Many thanks to HarperCollins for a review copy.


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