Wyrd by Simeone, Myers, Fuso, Pires - A Review

"When the U.S. Government runs up against situations too strange for them to handle alone they only have one asset to call—Pitor Wyrd. Whatever mission needs doing, whatever mystery needs solving, the roguishly handsome Wyrd acts as a one-man black ops team. With each mission, Pitor is brought closer to his mysterious past, each step pointing to the true ramifications of the Nazi’s experiments with the occult during the end of World War II."

Wyrd is an immortal human used by the US government for various nefarious acts - assassination, "pacification", hard negotiations, and the rest. His dark humour and unique view of existence stand in contrast to his victims. This outlook drives the character and is a big part of what makes this book fascinating.

Having an immortal character as a protagonist is one sure way of making a tale boring after a while. Once I knew Wyrd cannot die, the cliffhangers and tale twists started to have less of an effect,

Fans of hard-boiled mystery or detective stories would be right at home with this book.

Many thanks to Dark Horse Comics for a review copy.


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