A More Exciting Life by School Of Life - Book Recommendation

A More Exciting Life A Guide to Greater Freedom, Spontaneity and Enjoyment
"Because everyone refrains from uttering their truths, the price of breaking cover remains impossibly high. We collude in a mass conspiracy to suggest that love, sex, work, family life, friends and holidays unfold in a way we know in our hearts they simply don’t. We remain at the dawn of any collective capacity to acknowledge what fundamental parts of life are actually like."

A More Exciting Life: A Guide to Greater Freedom, Spontaneity and Enjoyment is a book that examines different aspects of modern life and offers perspectives on how to live in a way that is true to yourself and your ideals. This is a book that advocates the value of finding your own voice and learning to turn your back on societal values that put undue burden on your psyche.

Some of the ideas here are fairly unique and fresh to me. I love the author's take on the later life of Van Gogh and the value of simplicity. Not many books broach the importance of laziness and taking life at your own pace, hence I am glad this one did in a way that is wholesome and educational.


Many thanks to The School of Life for review copy.


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