Think Again by Adam Grant - Book Recommendation

Think Again by Adam Grant

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know by Adam Grant examines the act of thinking and conversation in relation to the acquisition or relinquishment of ideas. In other words, this is a book that goes into what it takes to change or retain strong opinions. It also looks at what we think we know versus what we actually know. The author also extols the importance of flexibility and the merits of not being wedded to what beliefs we hold most dear as a means of evolution of self and organisational innovation.

The author's use of research in buttressing his points is what makes this book intriguing. With various examples, he highlights what we stand to lose when we do not open our minds to new ideas. The book also lays out how to treat opposing ideas and ways of communicating with people who are attached to them.

The writing style here is accessible and not stuffed with jargon. Anyone with a passion for knowledge would be able to get good value from this work without being bogged down by technical writing.

Think Again is a bit too long. While repetition is a good technique to drive points home, it can be overused. Unfortunately, this is the case here. I also noticed that there are a few examples that are drawn out for too long, covering more than 20 pages when just 10 might do.

Think Again is for any adult with a vision of advance themselves in various aspects of life.

 Many thanks to Ebury Publishing for review copy.



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