Breath: A Life In Flow by Rickson Gracie & Peter Maguire - Book Recommendation

 Breathe by Rickson GracieBreathe is an autobiography of Rickson Gracie, a former jiu-jitsu champion and one of the best martial arts practitioners in the world today. Breathe details his upbringing in Brazil, his training, and his ethos in jiu-jitsu and life.

What is striking about this book is the in-depth examination of the art of jiu-jitsu and its importance outside of the ring to personal development. Lovers of the sport would love the tips, the tricks, and the philosophies of Rickson as he lays them out in the book. Even those who are not into the sport will come to appreciate the level of candour displayed by the author and the lessons jiu-Jitsu provides for all.

The first few chapters delve into the Gracie family and how Rickson came to be born. It looks at the family dynamics and idiosyncrasies of the Gracies. The author presents how it shaped him and made him who he is today.

I feel this section of the book could have been made shorter as it was a tad too long. Having said that, the earlier chapters do provide a solid background and good insights into the rest of the narrative.

Breathe is for practitioners and non-practitioners of jiu-jitsu. Everyone should be able to take one or two lessons from the strange and incredible life of Rickson Gracie.

Many thanks to Dey Street Books for providing a review copy.


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