The Good Enough Parent by The School Of Life - Book Recommendation

The Good Enough Parent

"It is helpful to be categorical and unsentimental on this score:... there is no way of parenting that does not inflict some form of psychological damage on children. The most psychotherapised person in the world will not be able to avoid generating neuroses; there is no such thing as a blameless parent. Above the door of the nursery, the most emotionally mature parent should still hand a sign: 'I love you - but I will give you issues.'

The Good Enough Parent explains what parents do to sabotage their children and what can be done to mitigate that. This is a book that wants to help parents reconnect with what childhood feels like and how regaining that sort of perspective can help their children.

The author does not beat the parents over or claim to hold any particular secret knowledge. All we are being exhorted to do here is to understand what being a child feels like as well as develop an understanding of our own person as a parent.


The Good Enough Parent is for any parents who feel that their personality flaws are getting in the way of going a decent enough job. It is also for those trying to get better at what is seemingly one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Many thanks to The School Of Life for providing a review copy.


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