Living By The Script by Deji Ajibade - Book Recommendation


Living By The Script - Deji Ajibade

"There is no universal truth about happiness. It is subjective and unique to each person. Even as someone poor thinks wealth would make them happy, a few wealthy people might look at their seemingly loving families and feel that being wealthy has robbed them of that love..."

Ajibade's Living By The Script is a book that seeks to steer us away from modern definitions of a good life towards our own brand of success. It reads like a manifesto in finding out what success means to us and how to lay hold of it.

This is a self-help book written in a clear and lucid style. The reasonings in the boom are not ambiguous and there are many examples to back up the principles Ajibade wants us to learn about living this one life we have got.

Living By The Script falls short of the lofty aims it set out to achieve. While the book is littered with many examples, there are not enough stories from Ajibade's own personal experiences to illustrate some of his points. This left me a bit disconnected from the narration.

Also, some of the role models listed here are not appropriate for the themes Ajibade is exploring. For example, citing Jeff Bezos as a model of discipline falls short of the mark because of his track record on the exploitation of his workforce, the ruthless suppression of small business competitors, and similar shenanigans.

There is still a lot of value here for those disillusioned with their path. Anyone seeking to explore alternative thinking as to what a good life is will find something to use here.

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