Championess by Zekas, Shanker & Puentes - Boook Recommendation

 Championess by Shanker, Puentes, Zekas

Championess is the story of Elizabeth and Tess, based on the real-life story of Elizabeth Wilkinson, an 18th-century mixed-race bare-knuckle female boxer living in London.

In this graphic novel, we explore how Elizabeth fought against poverty, betrayal, racism, and many other obstacles to establishing herself as one of the best pugilists of that period.

The story flows like a movie. The plot is smooth and there is a bit of surprise sprinkled here and there, keeping me invested all through.

Also, the colour scheme fits the overall mood of the story and the fight scenes are dynamic enough to make readers pause long enough to enjoy the art.


Fans of boxing, historical graphic novels, and seekers who want to learn what it takes to build their own stuff amid stiff opposition will find interesting stuff in this book.

Many thanks to Legendary Comics for providing a review copy.


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