The Decagon House Murders, Volume 1 by Ayatsuji & Kiyohara - Review

 The Decagon House Murders Vol 1

The Decagon House Murders (Volume 1) is based on Yukito Ayatsuji's 1987 mystery novel. The plot is about a university mystery club whose members took a vacation on a remote island where they stayed in a house that happens to be a crime scene. An unknown assailant had killed a family in that house many years ago in a manner that attracted the nation's attention. The manga focuses on the characters within the club, their individual theories about the murder case, as well as the strange happenings that are occurring both on and off the island.

The art is good to look at and the characters are distinct enough. The dialogue flows very well and the background to the story is well-explained. In short, this is a tale that is easy to get into.

I find it difficult taking The Decagon House Murders seriously. Apart from the weird codenames that are forced on many of the characters, the plot seemed contrived as some of the situations the characters are put in aren't realistic nor believable.


This seems to be a book for any kind of mystery novel fans. The enjoyment factor might be debatable.

Many thanks to Kodansha for providing a review copy.


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