The Secret Of Chocolate by Franckie Alarcon - Book Recommendation

 The Secret Of Chocolate by Franckie AlarconThe Secret Of Chocolate is an author's journey through the process of making chocolate. It details the process and procedure of making chocolate confectionery and the care that goes into it. Through the eyes and hands of chocolate makers and cocoa producers, we are able to share the joy of growing a crop that goes into making one of the most delectable treats in the world.

The enthusiasm of the author is infectious. It is clear he loves chocolate and the process of making it. Through his eyes, the reader is able to appreciate the efforts and techniques that go into creating some of the most popular treats on the market today.

The font choice for this book is not suitable for the eyes. It is curly and requires extra attention to decipher some of the phrases used. It is a poor choice of font, if I may say so.

The Secret of Chocolate
If you love chocolate and are curious about the level of creativity and toil that goes into making it, there is a high chance you will enjoy reading The Secret Of Chocolate.

Many thanks to NBM Publishing for providing a review copy.


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