Living On Your Own Terms: The Odyssey Of Björn Natthiko Lindeblad

We all have our fears... scenarios where everything goes wrong and we are hanging out on an electric pole, metaphorically naked with the whole world jeering and seeing us for who we are. Sorry... that image might not be yours but you get the idea. While most of us are sometimes paralysed by these mental images, some do manage to transverse these dark alleys of the mind, shutting off doubts and following their own positive promptings to its conclusions. Lindeblad seems to be in this latter category. 

I May Be Wrong is a book that chronicles Lindeblad's journey and how he found himself in a forest monastery in Thailand after leaving a promising career.The author tells us what drove him to a monastery, what he learned on his journey, and what impact these strange decisions have made on his life. 

Living Free
I May Be Wrong is a book that tries to avoid the clichés of a well-to-do young white man trying to find himself in a third-world country. The account here is honest, self-deprecating, and eye-opening as to the condition of the human mind regardless of where you live in the world.

This should be ideal for anyone seeking their own place in this world. This is a book that offers insight into human nature, our innate restlessness to assert ourselves in this world, and a way of finding a sliver of peace in the midst of it all. 

Many thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for providing a review copy.


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