On The Intricacies Of Living With Monsters


We all have that voice that nags us when we do something inappropriate like making a cutting remark to someone when we don't mean it or overreacting to something so small that we end up making an okay situation worse. For some, this nagging voice can go on for minutes, for others... days, even weeks.

MonsterMind is a graphic novel that opens our eyes to how this process plays out in Alfonso Casas (the author). By using himself as an example, the author informs us of how he interacts with his inner monsters without losing himself. This is an autobiographical book that explores the debilitating thoughts that goes on in the author's head and how he sometimes succumbs or copes with it.

One of the strengths of great literature is how it holds up a mirror to see ourselves clearly. MonsterMind achieves this by making me identify with the author and his experiences. More importantly, I gain new perspectives and tools to live with my own inner monsters. As far as mental health books go, this has to be one of my favourites.

If have ever had trouble getting out of bed at any time of the day, unmotivated, and weighted down by anxieties real or imagined, then MonsterMind is for you. This is a book for every adult and young adult dealing with life's ups and downs.

Many thanks to Ablaze for providing a review copy.


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