Regrets of the Dying by Georgina Scull - Book Recommendation

Regrets of the Dying by Georgina Scull

Real-life stories sometimes have the disadvantage of not being fluid or neatly packaged narratively. Having said that, such kind of stories does hold valuable lessons for those who can sift through its ambiguities to find what they need. Regrets of the Dying is such a book. It is a book that contains stories of people who, like us, have made lots of mistakes and, given the chance, ponder on what they could have done better.

This is a book that reflects the messiness of life and the ways in which life situations can spiral out of control. Regrets of the Dying contains a lot of stories that might not resonate with everyone, but there is no doubt that it has something for everyone.



A few of the stories are depressing and aren't for those with a particular set view of life.

Many thanks to Welbeck Publishing UK for providing a review copy.


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